Monday, November 18, 2013

Master-Hooper's new Blog!

Master-Hooper just started their new Blog... in fact to date, I think I'm the only one (LOL) that has posted anything...It's that new! So you Master-Hooper users and "want to be users" out there come and post your successes, questions and projects and support Master-Hooper!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Good Morning!!

It's a cool crisp Friday morning here in Oregon. With so many things on my plate today this entry will need to be short and sweet. Mom is bug dusting around this morning, hopefully the visits to her Doctors over the last few days will result in the correct mix as well as timing for her medications.
Our new family member Sophie is such a sweetie and she gets along very well with Herbie & Zipper Dude. I will post a video here as soon as I get one that will not make everyone seasick!
Projects are in the works today. I have been planning on working on them daily and it seems that the day gets filled before I get anything done on them... Not today by cracky!!
I have my Master-Hooper out and the first layer of stabilizer laying in it all ready for the throws I'm embroidering. I put a second layer of the clear water soluble stabilizer on the top to help keep the threads above the fabric. It works great and seems to give the embroideries a more professional look.
So on that note... 
Why don't you let me know if you are working on any projects for the holidays?
Looking to hear from you soon!