Saturday, July 27, 2013

Today: Whining Day

I am hoping to just get this out and then I can put the cork back in the "whine bottle" I'm really Blue... and I can't let my Mom know how bad I feel.

My right elbow is really hurting. I broke it in 2005, along with my right wrist. My Mom feels she has to wait on me because my arm is all swollen and she is wearing her little 83 yr old self out, and I have to make her slow down & sit and I'm feeling guilty because I should be doing those things myself - working through my pain like she does. But I know if I do, it will take longer for this arm to stop hurting so much...grrr - the joys of living with an 83 yr old workaholic Mom. She's making homemade chicken/potato/brocolli soup from scratch as I type.

The other day I mowed for over 3+ hours. My wonderful brother-in-law repaired my riding mower and I think things must have tightened up a bit too, because it was harder to steer and turn.

Do you know how many things you need your right elbow for?! I can only bend it a little bit and I have no real strength in my right arm. And my whole arm aches. Also do you know how slow it is to type with just one hand?!

Living in the country my acre + "lawn" consists on a variety of grasses and other assorted, not necessarily invited forms of flora.... plus a not too level base, due to moles, voles, gophers, insects, decaying ancient tree roots... So after bouncing around, mowing around trees, stumps & bushes and trying to get it done as quickly as possible... I think I must have done a number on my arm.

This picture was taken back in May by my son Scott - This is just the backyard, looking towards the house. The area to the right was still raised beds and weeds at that point. My wonderful neighbors have since removed the rotting railroad tie raised beds and leveled the dirt out as much as they could with the tractor so that I can just mow around the bushes and the stumps on the right and the rest of it will be our usual mixture of local uninvited flora and grass "lawn" LOL!

I did get inspired today to try something new... well... maybe not exactly new, it's just variations of several things I do already. My new source of inspiration... Jennifer Day - Art Quilter - 'nuff for now... but lets suffice it to say that the old cogs and gears are turning... finally!! I have just been depressed for sooo long and have not felt like doing anything - even on increased dosages of my anti-depression meds, I could just cry sometimes. I need to make some appointments on Monday or Tuesday to go back in and also to an allergist.... On to cheerier thoughts...

Oh yah.. today is also my friends', who happen to be twins... Scott & Candy - 65th Birthday. I've known them since grade school - I've been 65 since December - young whipper-snappers.

I also spoke with my baby sister this morning - that usually starts my day off pretty good. My Furry children are happy & healthy and love me. Plus my Mommy has feeling pretty good lately and my sweety kids should be coming down here from Seattle on Sunday Evening... And the middle of next week my very best friend from North Carolina will be out here for a few days on business, and I think will be able to fit us in for a day or so.

OKAY! So I do have one or two bazillion things to be grateful for. And I really am grateful. Okay I am putting that cork back in the bottle now, after all I can't bend my elbow far or often enough to make the elbow stop hurting!

God bless your days too!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Thoughts on my Facebook Page Content

I am finding it very difficult to keep my business Facebook page and my personal page separate.

I actually did quite well for quite sometime... I did not want to post anything offensive to anyone on my business page, because I wanted it to be professional.

And then it dawned on me that my personal page and my business page were different in other aspects... my personal page had sooo much more interaction than my business page. The part of my business page that was missing was "Me"

So the other day I changed my shop name (simplified it) I figured I didn't need to list everything I did in the page title - it's still pretty long. And I'm going to start trying to bring more "me" into my business page and "dog-gone-it" if people don't care for my religious and political views... oh well.

I would never hurt someone intentionally and I try to be a good person. So we will see how this little experiment will work out. What do you think?