Friday, September 27, 2013

New Etsy Shop! New Pup!

Well... I opened my second Etsy Shop. What I did was split out the embroidery and sewing supplies and tools and put them into "OoakdollyEmbroidery" (See link to it on the right side of my blog page)

Now my first shop "Ooakdolly" (also linked on the right) will just carry the one-of-a-kind handmade items that Mom and I make.

If anyone has any ideas regarding embroidery supplies and tools you would like to see in my new shop Let me know! I would also like to carry supplies that are difficult to find, but are among your favorites... 
So, let me know and I will see what I can do 
(Besides Master-Hooper! Which is ALL that is in the shop right now.)

Also we got a new addition to our family... Her name is Sophie and she is a 4 month old poodle/terrier mix. But try as I may, I can't seem to get a good picture of her!! She's all curly black, and has black eyes and she's a constant little whirlwind... so... all I get is a curly black swirl in the shot - but I am not giving up - I will post a picture as soon as I can get one. She is a real sweetheart. She is also a rescue pup, so I feel good about that. She was a mass of matts and fleas.... now she's a mass of curls and love.

Also, got with my accountant today and we did my taxes - this starting "new businesses" thing made it so that I had to file an extension. 
But they are all done and filed now!
Thank goodness, I will be getting refunds from both the state 
and federal, so all is well in Ooakdolly land! LOL

Well... I have some UFO's (UnFinished Objects) that need to be worked on. 
So I had better get my sweet patootie in gear!

God Bless your Day!!