Friday, June 08, 2012

My experiment results

Well . . .  I had decided to go ahead and try to sell some Master-Hooper's on eBay. I put them at the very lowest price I could afford to list them at and after 6 "free" listings - That I had to pay for little assorted items like a background page, any extra pictures, etc. . . .  you know, the things that make your listing attractive - I finally SOLD one!  Just a quick look at the numbers:


The cost for me to sell a Master-Hooper for a Berina 830 on eBay . . .
$26.12 - includes all costs including PayPal costs and that does not include the cost of $2.40 for the six "free" listings.

Etsy cost for the same item including the PayPal costs . . . $13.81 - plus I still have my 4 month listing because I could add several Master-Hoopers on the same Listing for the $0.20 listing fee! 

While I may still purchase something on eBay, my vote is definitely for selling on Etsy!!

Monday, June 04, 2012

Continuing Saga of Herbie and the Ninja Rabbit

Our Ninja Rabbit went on to "Ninja Heaven" - we don't know what happened, but we found her dead under our porch just right behind the lattice work - so my brave little friend Kathy "manned-up" and grabbed the little cotton ball tail and pulled her out then "Elmer Fudd" disposed of her for us - sorry to say , she looked pregnant , so that was a bit sad - one of those mixed feelings moments for Herbie and I.

I just felt sick when I saw it's lifeless little body. But then I'm one of those people who don't like to step on bugs or swat flies etc.

Herbie likes to chase...Just not sure what to do if he catches! But he is absolutely in love with our neighbor Susan's horse "Kitten" and her goats and sheep. They all come over to the fence so Herbie can touch their noses with his. It really is cute - he is the best dog in the world for me. Compassionate, kind & loving but still likes to have fun chasing 'wabbits'!

I understand that the breed they are raising is a New Zealand Flemish Giant and at maturity they weigh between 15-16 lbs and are about 22' long. 'Ninja' was one of the Black ones and about that size. They have all different colors running "free". 
This is what 'Ninja' looked like - I borrowed this picture from    

The scuttle-butt of the neighborhood is that the 'rabbit farmers' have over 100 rabbits running Free Range . . . grrrr - so my guess is that it won't be long before another one finds it's way to our yard. Heavy Sigh . . .
I now have about a half a dozen perennials or so to replace - if we don't get them grown by the next invasion, I think that will be my last attempt at gardening this year  I can't afford to replace plants all the time.

I noticed a couple of Turkey Buzzards floating around the other day above their fields, and also saw a couple of hawks on the hunt in our area too.

If they don't like the individual pens I wish they would at least fence a large area for them and sell off the ones they don't want. They really are beautiful little creatures.

Well gotta go get something done today!!

Friday, June 01, 2012

Herbie and the Ninja Rabbit

Now I ask you . . . 
Does this look like the face of a dangerous Ninja Rabbit hunter?

Let me start at the beginning . . . A couple months ago one of our neighbors decided to not continue to breed rabbits for 4-H (or some reason unknown to me) and decided that rather than find them homes or sell them they would release the little critters so they could enjoy the life of  'free range' rabbits. 

While at this particular moment I won't go into my personal feelings regarding this plan . . . suffice it to say I find it cruel on several levels. 

However . . . out of the 4  rabbits that have found their way into my and the neighbors yards . . . only 1 has managed to escape the perils of the highway and has gone on to distinguish him/her self as a formidable opponent to the 'Keeper of the Peace' in 'Ooakdolly Land' - Sir Herbert Aslan Heidloff Corl - Lhasa Apso Extraordinaire 

While hindered by a halter and leash and the fact that he can only drag me only so fast across the yard, Herbie makes an excellent showing as a 'Ninja Rabbit' (as our little, black as night and very stealthful little friend has been nick-named) Hunter. 

While to date he has only come within 5-6 ft of the little rascal, Herbie does remember exactly each & every place he has chased him/her to - and when we go outside we now have to check each and every spot, because everyone knows that Ninja's always return to the scene of the crime. . . be it the stubby remains of the new perennials just planted in the front flower bed, or the cucumber plants in the raised beds of the veggie garden that are down by one plant so far, or under the front deck, or under the neighbors 5th wheeler, among other places. 

The neighbor's Dahlias are just starting to come up and while Herbie and I value all life as sacred, no matter how much fun it is to chase, we have the funny feeling that "neighbor operative" code named  "Elmer Fudd" may be watching with his sniper rifle . . . should the little Ninja come to close to his Dahlia Bed . . . 

We will keep you posted on the continuing saga

Herbie . . . signing off

Been so busy lately...

I know it's no excuse, but an acre and a quarter in Springtime Oregon's Coast Range waits for nobody. . .  
Least of all an old lady who would rather be creating and playing. 

I've tried to be so disciplined lately I hardly know myself. 

Believe it or not I am very close to finishing up the five quilt repairs I've been working on FOREVER 

(Snoopy Dog Cheers!)   

Will also get to see Marie and her Mom (additional cheers) when she comes to pick them up.

Have several projects waiting in the wings - not the least of which will be learning more about my blog... 

Then I have wedding, graduation & baby gifts to complete plus some lap quilt orders.
Had to miss Kimmie's baby shower the other day - I managed to twist my knee was down for a couple of days, so have been resting it and worst case hobbling around for short periods of time trying to get some yard work finished while I can still see over the grass. Also found an allergen that is causing a rash on my arms, neck and face - sheesh . . . ya just have to keep plugging along

I've put some Master~Hoopers on eBay as an experiment and hopefully they will do well. 

I love Etsy though - they make it so easy and inexpensive to do business.

We found Snickers a new home. A friend of ours from church lost his wife and then not long after his dog of many years. He stopped by and made the fateful remark . . . "If you ever want to get rid of that little dog..." 
They are both happy as little clams - Snickers doesn't have to deal with not being the 'Alpha' male  and he can relax because he doesn't have to bark at everyone on the bike path that runs in front of our house . . . All in all I think it's a match made in heaven and the energy level at our house has dropped by about 500%

Well I have a gazillion and one things to do today so.... better get going I will be back sooner than last time.
God bless your day!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Well yes... it does look different

I warned you I was tired of the whole rain drop, dark, winter-scape theme. Yes... we have had a bit of snow, wind storms and a fear of flooding plus just downright chilly weather,

But here is the new look and I'm really anxious for Spring to arrive in force. So let me know what you think. Unfortunately there seems to be limited templates to work with. 

Check out the tabs for new pages I've added... I am still just learning about pages, and changing things around so any help or advice you can give me will be greatly appreciated. 

What I really should be doing this very minute is cleaning this sewing/computer room and finishing up the projects I have on board for other people. I really am currently working on it and hopefully will be completed soon.

I've decided that I'm in a bit of a rut and spinning my wheels because I'm not really doing the things God has planned for me. 

I will be working on this issue, but first. . .  I must complete obligations and promises I have made to others, and I am cheerfully doing so. Then I will proceed, hopefully listening and paying attention to the little angel He has placed on my shoulder.

Much love and Blessings ~ Talk to you soon
God bless your day

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring is springing!!!...???

It seems hard to believe that just 10 days ago our weather looked like this....

I love the early mornings up here in the Coast Range ~ even in the can tell that the day turned out to be sunny... cold, but sunny... 

~ However, the last few days have been beautiful harbingers of Spring... Daffodils are up couple inches. 

Even have a purple crocus letting us know that her sisters will be here within the next few days and weeks.

Now that Spring is on the way... We have made it through another winter and Mom is doing well. Her hip and back surgery seem to be acting up the last couple of days, but there are a few good storms that will be rolling in off the Pacific in the coming days that could be the culprit. 

We couldn't make it to church this morning and it feels like something is missing... there is... our dear friends and brothers and sisters in Christ. Hopefully Mom will be feeling better next Sunday and we can make it. 

Mom is spending the day in bed reading today to help her aches and inflammations subside a bit. We had to miss a day trip to Sherwood saturday for our Kimmie and Jeff Heater's wedding reception due to Mom's hip and back hurting her so. I just know it was wonderful... we hopefully will be able to see them soon.

Other news since my last entry... my 'baby' sister Jo made a wonderful 'mexican' food dinner for our Amy's birthday and we all met at Amy's house for a birthday Fiesta. 

Amy is so talented I expect that any day now she will become her own 'brand'. Intelligence, skill, and business savvy will not be wasted with that young woman. Like all the young women in our family, she is truly amazing.

It seems our entire little town has been suffering with colds, flu bugs, etc., and we are all just passing them around. A few brave souls have not let it get them down and are coming up with ideas to stir the population into Spring like activity. 

On the home front... well, I took my Quattro sewing/embroidery machine into the shop in the valley for her annual maintenance and I feel so lost without her. I am trying to be productive, and slowly but surely I am getting my 'sewing/computer/craft supply storage' room organized... Also trying to get Marie's quilts repaired. We hopefully be calling her soon to get them back home to her. I know she thinks I ran away to sunny Mexico
...hmmm not a bad idea... 

I just looked out my window and guess what... I spoke too soon here is what I am seeing... must be the storms they told us were coming... 
I don't remember them saying the "S" word though!!!

I think I'm going to go and make my Mama some lunch and then dive back into my cleaning, repairing, etc. I am also planning to get into my fabric scrap box today and trim up some pieces for Marie's quilt and for blocks, strips, fat quarters, & pieces for crazy quilts. That should keep me out of trouble and hopefully productive, so that when my machine comes home next week I can start putting some of my imaginings into reality again.

I'm even thinking about putting together a little tutorial, but want my sweet soon to be daughter-in-law to help me with that. I also want to put together a class for the youngsters in our town to learn to sew this Summer. I have a few young consultants that will be helping me with that project too ~ I Can't wait - it will be so much fun! 

Have my Sunday School group planning a play for the church. They are in the process of choosing the perfect story. They will be making their own scenery and costumes, so there will be a lot of sharing, learning etc. going on with this project too!

Now.. on to the Blog... I was thinking that I may look for a lighter happier feel for a background... so you may see a little different look when next you visit. 

I have also decided to leave the Etsy sale prices on my Master-Hoopers just where they are... an eternal sale (haha) The prices seem fair and they are the very best prices around, and it seems to be putting it in the price range people can better afford. Maybe more folks can enjoy this fabulous embroidery hooping aid as much as I do.

Please say a little prayer for Mom's comfort and mobility. Stay happy, healthy and humble...

God bless your day! 

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Another Master-Hooper Sale???

Yes... you heard it here folks... I just went into my little Etsy shop and slashed hooper prices PLUS... I decided to leave the Free USA Shipping for Master-Hoopers as a permanent feature.

This really is such a neat tool, I don't know what I'd do without mine, and I just want all machine embroiderers out there to have one. I think everyone would really, really love it if they tried it. With the economy the way it is, maybe my little sale will help someone else get one and still be able to buy the fabric to embroider - LOL

God bless your day!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday... It's a snow day!

Got a call first thing this morning advising us that church had been cancelled... Just one of the sweet advantages of living in a very small town. 

I chuckled to myself..."a snow day on Sunday?" and I then proceeded to take my furry children outside to look at all of the white stuff.

The snow was heading our way again... 
we couldn't even see the hills across the way

It was so still and I could feel the coolness on my warm cheeks and felt a little sad that Scott & Derya hadn't been with me to see how absolutely beautiful it was. However, I am glad that they altered the plan though, I think we would have been nervous wrecks worrying about their 3-1/2 hour drive down to see us. Just have to wait until mid-week I guess.... But it would have been fun to be snowed in with them.

On to the back yard... I noticed how many things I needed to get repaired moved, cleaned up etc., then thought how silly I was to be thinking about that when I could be enjoying just how beautiful it is.

One of my favorite little bird houses that Dad had made... 
He sat it on the peak of the roof of the pump house... 
there it has stayed since he passed in 2001.
It looks like a little fairie house in the side of a snowy hill

The ladybug house and the bird feeder are almost covered!

Waste Management Recycle Bin had it's share of snow too... 
and it's in a protected spot.

Dad and Bob Malarkey planted these as seedlings when we first moved here in 1997. I think I'm going to have to trim this one back a bit. It extends out into the back driveway. Columbia County already mutilated the backside of these trees planted along side the road at the property line. It's taken a few years of pruning to help balance them out again. But I have to keep after it or they will come and do their specialized form of landscaping for us again!

Back into the house... on the way noticed what a pretty sky 

Snickers (on the right) asks Herbie " What are snowballs?" Herbie says... "those things that are all over us when we came back in the house"
"Oh..." Snickers says... "Those white things all over the floor and the carpet?!" 
"Yes, those are snowballs" says Herbie.

"Hey! Lets get Mom to take us back outside so we can get some more!" says Snickers... so here we go again...

I love this lighting

Snickers dreaming of being a sled dog...

It seems to be warming up and melting a little bit

"I love the snow..." says Herbie


Well it didn't melt, in fact it has continued to snow off and on this afternoon, heavy at times. I have been playing on this computer since we got back in the house, so I suppose I had better go fix everyone some lunch. 
Hopefully it won't be two weeks before I get back on here. 

I have been working on Scott's fleece and minky Seattle Seahawks throw 
and completed that... It came out wonderful, I hope he likes it. 
I have also been working on my friend Marie's quilt(s) repair project... have a little surprize for her on one of them that I hope she likes. I will share what it is when it's finished. I also went to a Floriani Embroidery Stabilizer class last Friday in the valley at Aloha Sewing and Vacuum. Lots of freebies and lots to wish for but it was really fun and I even learned a few things LOL

I think I'm going to go and see how Mom is doing on her knitting 
machine. She got a new cowl pattern from a lady on Etsy in the UK 
and she is trying to figure some things out. 
I think she may have been successful... it's been pretty quite out there... trust me when she's having problems... we hear about it! ;o}

Hope your day is as mellow and blessed as mine has been - Thank you Lord.

"woof" says Herbie..."time to go out again" 
talk to you later

Monday, January 02, 2012

January 2, 2012

I just finished re-pricing my Master-Hoopers in my Etsy shop...Sale is over... Thank you everyone who participated in this fantastic sale!! It was so much fun meeting people from all over and getting to be a part of their excitement about this wonderful product.

I decided to retain the Free USA Shipping for at least the first quarter and then revisit that later. I now have them priced once again at the MSRP... it is still less expensive than most places that are selling them...

Well... I have some PC things to do, so better get hoppin!

Happy New Year my Darlings and may God bless you with Love, Joy, Gratitude, Health and Prosperity.