Monday, August 12, 2013

Ideas for Facebook pages

I've had a couple ideas for pages I'd like to start lately.
But it seems I don't even have time to get the things done that I need to, so it may not happen right away.
The first idea is one that I've been thinking about for a long time. 
It is still in the planning stages, but I am going to do it. 

Vernonia Oregon needs a page (Vernonia's Virtual Arts and Crafts Gallery) that is ONLY for the artist/craftspersons in the Vernonia Oregon area and I'd like it to be a showcase of their particular talents/creations not matter what their creations are. 

 If someone likes what they see they could contact the artist/craftsperson via PM for the cost and further discussion.

It would also be a venue that would allow people in local shops and gallery, to see just what is available in this town that they might want to include in their shops/gallery.

I have been so impressed with the artists and craftspersons in this town, and how talented and humble they are. It could be their own little virtual gallery. In this economy we need all the help we can get. 
We have to stick together

We have a gallery in town, but it's more high end and very small. 

It seems to cater to pottery, metal art pieces, photography. 
It's a lovely gallery.

But not everyone has the courage to show them their work for fear of being turned down.

While Heidi is very gracious and nice, she has only so much room and like most galleries she has a display plan that may not include the type of work that someone has brought to her.... not to say your work isn't good, but it might not fit in with her current showings.


The other idea is for a page where quilters and people who sew, post their unfinished object / projects (UFO).

They could meet up on our page and PM to discuss the particulars and come to a mutual decision regarding the finished item. The only stipulations would be that they would need to donate the finished item to some charity, hospital, police dept, chemo center, etc.

 And then they would need to post a receipt for the item on line to prove that they had done so. 
Most places would be happy to give a receipt. 

Also beings the person that finishes them will be incurring the costs of finishing it, the original person who started it would be required to incur the cost of shipping the item to themand the person that finishes it would have to note that the donation was from both the original person and themselves.

I would appreciate any input or suggestions so get in touch. 
Thanks! God bless your day.