Thursday, September 08, 2011

Tuesday was a big day!

My brother-in-law John got out of the hospital (after being there for a couple of days, being treated for blood clots.) Pretty scary weekend. He has a blood clot in his lung and in his legs and of course he is now on blood thinners. One of the occupational hazards of a computer guy they say. It is still kinda scary because you know he still has the clots and of course are concerned about another breaking free. My sister Jo must be going crazy, she's a little mother-hen where he's concerned anyway. Let say a prayer for them both. Thanks.
~ ~ ~  
I also had my friends over for lunch on Tuesday. That was so great. I am doing several projects for my friend Marie and got to meet Marie's Mom Linda for the first time - I feel like I've known her forever. My dear friend and neighbor Kathy joined us too... I wanted her to meet Marie & her Mom. Both Marie and her Mom are cancer survivors and both have had mastectomies... the same operation Kathy will be having on the 22nd. Marie and Linda were so gracious and answered questions and explained to Kathy about what she could expect. Kathy was already very informed from doing her own research and Marie also brought Kathy tons of books and we all had a nice time and a pretty darn good lunch too...
chicken salad wraps and fruit & pastries.... yum.
~ ~ ~

Yesterday I digitized a graphic for Marie from her wedding invitation (1986.) 

They went to the coast to celebrate their 25th anniversary on August 30th and picked up a momento, a beautiful quilt. It's white and has trapunto type shells around the outside. It's just lovely. She asked me to machine embroider a graphic from their wedding invitation along with a personal comment in the center of the quilt. The digitizing took me longer than I expected, but it came out so neat. Here is a picture of the finished quilt.

~ ~ ~
Today... I am working on Kathy's Bible cover, altering some camisoles for Marie, making a pattern for a portion of a jacket I am 'rebuilding' and now... six quilts, that I am doing repair work on. Then I have some digitizing to do for Pastor John Cahill's Bible so I can get his cover completed... 
And the big one... Two Doggies that need to be groomed again!
Plus we have Bible Study this evening...
So... I can't complain about being bored.
Hope everyone has as good a day as mine is shaping up to be... in other words...
God bless your day!