Monday, August 08, 2011

New additions to Etsy Shop

I had a pretty productive day... I added some new things to my shop this evening.

My sweet little model came this morning and we got some pictures... she is soooo cute and just as beautiful in the inside as on the out. Mommy & Daddy have done a wonderful job with all their children, they are pretty special kids 

So without further ado...

 For more information and some additional pictures please visit this item in my Etsy shop

You can find out more about this one and see more pictures at this listing also


Yesterday afternoon after church, I decided that I needed to pull out my Janome 725 embelishing machine and play.... I had so much fun. I know something is great when I loose track of time.... I lost track of time... I really like the fact that it has single needle or 1-5 needles options. That really allows for precise work.

I made a couple of pair of felted booties and put them on Etsy tonight too.
I called the first one "Puck" because it reminded me of something a little woodland sprite might have on.

The second pair I made I pulled out the wool roving and some of my favorite colored yarn and made a pair I call them "Ariel" 

I have the patterns for small - medium - large, so if anyone is interested in having some made let me know.