Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday... It's a snow day!

Got a call first thing this morning advising us that church had been cancelled... Just one of the sweet advantages of living in a very small town. 

I chuckled to myself..."a snow day on Sunday?" and I then proceeded to take my furry children outside to look at all of the white stuff.

The snow was heading our way again... 
we couldn't even see the hills across the way

It was so still and I could feel the coolness on my warm cheeks and felt a little sad that Scott & Derya hadn't been with me to see how absolutely beautiful it was. However, I am glad that they altered the plan though, I think we would have been nervous wrecks worrying about their 3-1/2 hour drive down to see us. Just have to wait until mid-week I guess.... But it would have been fun to be snowed in with them.

On to the back yard... I noticed how many things I needed to get repaired moved, cleaned up etc., then thought how silly I was to be thinking about that when I could be enjoying just how beautiful it is.

One of my favorite little bird houses that Dad had made... 
He sat it on the peak of the roof of the pump house... 
there it has stayed since he passed in 2001.
It looks like a little fairie house in the side of a snowy hill

The ladybug house and the bird feeder are almost covered!

Waste Management Recycle Bin had it's share of snow too... 
and it's in a protected spot.

Dad and Bob Malarkey planted these as seedlings when we first moved here in 1997. I think I'm going to have to trim this one back a bit. It extends out into the back driveway. Columbia County already mutilated the backside of these trees planted along side the road at the property line. It's taken a few years of pruning to help balance them out again. But I have to keep after it or they will come and do their specialized form of landscaping for us again!

Back into the house... on the way noticed what a pretty sky 

Snickers (on the right) asks Herbie " What are snowballs?" Herbie says... "those things that are all over us when we came back in the house"
"Oh..." Snickers says... "Those white things all over the floor and the carpet?!" 
"Yes, those are snowballs" says Herbie.

"Hey! Lets get Mom to take us back outside so we can get some more!" says Snickers... so here we go again...

I love this lighting

Snickers dreaming of being a sled dog...

It seems to be warming up and melting a little bit

"I love the snow..." says Herbie


Well it didn't melt, in fact it has continued to snow off and on this afternoon, heavy at times. I have been playing on this computer since we got back in the house, so I suppose I had better go fix everyone some lunch. 
Hopefully it won't be two weeks before I get back on here. 

I have been working on Scott's fleece and minky Seattle Seahawks throw 
and completed that... It came out wonderful, I hope he likes it. 
I have also been working on my friend Marie's quilt(s) repair project... have a little surprize for her on one of them that I hope she likes. I will share what it is when it's finished. I also went to a Floriani Embroidery Stabilizer class last Friday in the valley at Aloha Sewing and Vacuum. Lots of freebies and lots to wish for but it was really fun and I even learned a few things LOL

I think I'm going to go and see how Mom is doing on her knitting 
machine. She got a new cowl pattern from a lady on Etsy in the UK 
and she is trying to figure some things out. 
I think she may have been successful... it's been pretty quite out there... trust me when she's having problems... we hear about it! ;o}

Hope your day is as mellow and blessed as mine has been - Thank you Lord.

"woof" says Herbie..."time to go out again" 
talk to you later