Friday, June 01, 2012

Herbie and the Ninja Rabbit

Now I ask you . . . 
Does this look like the face of a dangerous Ninja Rabbit hunter?

Let me start at the beginning . . . A couple months ago one of our neighbors decided to not continue to breed rabbits for 4-H (or some reason unknown to me) and decided that rather than find them homes or sell them they would release the little critters so they could enjoy the life of  'free range' rabbits. 

While at this particular moment I won't go into my personal feelings regarding this plan . . . suffice it to say I find it cruel on several levels. 

However . . . out of the 4  rabbits that have found their way into my and the neighbors yards . . . only 1 has managed to escape the perils of the highway and has gone on to distinguish him/her self as a formidable opponent to the 'Keeper of the Peace' in 'Ooakdolly Land' - Sir Herbert Aslan Heidloff Corl - Lhasa Apso Extraordinaire 

While hindered by a halter and leash and the fact that he can only drag me only so fast across the yard, Herbie makes an excellent showing as a 'Ninja Rabbit' (as our little, black as night and very stealthful little friend has been nick-named) Hunter. 

While to date he has only come within 5-6 ft of the little rascal, Herbie does remember exactly each & every place he has chased him/her to - and when we go outside we now have to check each and every spot, because everyone knows that Ninja's always return to the scene of the crime. . . be it the stubby remains of the new perennials just planted in the front flower bed, or the cucumber plants in the raised beds of the veggie garden that are down by one plant so far, or under the front deck, or under the neighbors 5th wheeler, among other places. 

The neighbor's Dahlias are just starting to come up and while Herbie and I value all life as sacred, no matter how much fun it is to chase, we have the funny feeling that "neighbor operative" code named  "Elmer Fudd" may be watching with his sniper rifle . . . should the little Ninja come to close to his Dahlia Bed . . . 

We will keep you posted on the continuing saga

Herbie . . . signing off