Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Thoughts on my Facebook Page Content

I am finding it very difficult to keep my business Facebook page and my personal page separate.

I actually did quite well for quite sometime... I did not want to post anything offensive to anyone on my business page, because I wanted it to be professional.

And then it dawned on me that my personal page and my business page were different in other aspects... my personal page had sooo much more interaction than my business page. The part of my business page that was missing was "Me"

So the other day I changed my shop name (simplified it) I figured I didn't need to list everything I did in the page title - it's still pretty long. And I'm going to start trying to bring more "me" into my business page and "dog-gone-it" if people don't care for my religious and political views... oh well.

I would never hurt someone intentionally and I try to be a good person. So we will see how this little experiment will work out. What do you think?