Friday, July 22, 2011

Been a buzy girl!

I haven't forgotten you... I've just been a busy girl. This morning was my sweet nephew Jason's 43rd birthday. As per tradition, Mom and I called him bright an early to sing him "Happy Birthday", he was right in the middle of fixing a sink fawcet, but oh well, ya gotta sing when ya gotta sing. Love that kid...

Well...I have been embroidering up a storm and have added a couple new items to my Etsy Shop:

Also posted them on my facebook page: - OOAKdolly-Embroidery-Sewing-Dolls-Master-Hooper-Gifts-Supplies

The first thing was my redwork quilt block set. There are 20 blocks in the set. They are from Martha Pullen's 2009 redwork "New Testament Quilt" design set.

These are the first few of the 20 block set

I have an EQ7 (Electric Quilt7) software package that I love. And so then I designed a queen sized quilt to go with these designs.

My color choices for this quilt design are the ancient royalty colors of a dark red, royal purple and coin gold. I think it would also look great in an all white with a red sashing & border, and then quilted in a feather design on the sashes and borders. Maybe someday in my "free time" I'll try it out. LOL

I am offering it as a "Freebie" with the order of this particular set. It has the rotary cutting guides for each piece and also for the "Star of Bethlehem" blocks in each corner. I also included templates for those blocks. I also am including a Fabric Key that has the yardage for each color, the number of pieces for each color PLUS a one time fabric substitution key that will included the purchasers color choices and yardage, should they decide mine aren't their cup of tea.  Go figure...


Then I made a little gift for my previous pastor's new grandchild. His church is so far away, in these economic times we just can't afford to attend that church, and have been blessed enough to have found a new church home in our own town. After I made it, I took pictures of it and then put them on Etsy as an example of my custom embroidery skills. So I now have another listing for a custom made set in my shop

The design comes in either monochromatic colors or a mix. In the hat I used the mono and in bonnet crown and booties I used the mixed colors. It was fun to make and very satisfying. This too is a Martha Pullen Embroidery Design called "Cross and Bows".


I've also been doing some sewing of little girls outfits. I've completed a little jumpsuit and hat in Mary Englebreit fabrics and a cute little pillowcase dress of my own design. I'm waiting for my little model to get here so I can take pictures and post them in my shop also. As soon as I have pictures of those I will post them also.

Well I had better get going and start dinner and take my little doggies out for a walk. So I will be back soon.
God Bless Your Day!