Thursday, July 07, 2011

Zipper-Dude.... feline extrordinaire... lover of flowers

Let me introduce you to Zipper-Dude

I normally don't care for cut flowers, but this year, God has blessed us with so many beautiful blooms, I have been cutting some here and there. I just went out and cut a bouquet of white 'Shirley Temple' peonies, There are some pink ones that my sister gave my mom too and a cobalt blue and also a light blue delphinium, and foxgloves from the front yard, one named "freckles" ivory with purple spots and a deep lavender-pink colored one. 

I decided to do this because I had a bouquet on the table on the front porch, but the wind kept blowing it over. So... I moved a failing begonia plant to that spot on the table in front of the swing. I'm sure it will benefit from a shaded front porch with plenty of fresh air. And I decided to replace the bouquet only put it somewhere a little safer.... even though I will be picking up petals for the next week or so, they are so beautiful. They are worth it. So off I went and cut some flowers for in the house.

Ever since Zipper was a tiny kitty, he as been extremely interested in anything I do. I sometimes tell him that he must be adding something new to his resume'... Today he was just enjoying the flowers and checking for the quality of the fragrance... since allergies won't permit my smelling them, I have delegated that job to him. Evidently they passed his inspection!

Hope you all have had a wonderful day.... I have