Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Morning musing and the project for today.... Doggie Diapers!

I'm going to have to wait until next week to get pictures and then to put the two little outfits into Etsy.
Our little 'Super Model' can't make it until then.

We are addressing some concerns (and rightfully so) that her Mommy & Daddy have about having her pictures going on the internet, and we think we can get creative without disappointing our little model.

It does my heart good to see there are still parents out there that take their 'job' seriously!

While I was on my photographic adventure yesterday with my Herbie & Snickers, I snapped a picture of our roses... you are saying "So... and that is significant why???" - Well when we moved here to these beautiful mountains I spent a lot of money buying plants to beautify our landscape.... It took at least a couple thousand dollars over a period of at least three growing seasons... but I finally learned there are certain plants that just do not perform as well here, as in the valley, one of those plant types are roses. We just didn't have the heart to pull them out, so each year we watch them hoping they will prove us wrong.. well it has taken 12 years to see this beautiful display... I am capturing them for posterity!

Thank you Lord! Our little pump house has never looked better.

Now on to today's project!

This morning I've chosen the fabric...  I have my pattern and I'm going to make my friend Marie some 'doggie diapers' for her little four legged boy babies.

Here are the fabrics I collected from my stash...
One side is the cotton quilting fabric and the other has this really cute flannel
My pattern has several different sizes and a male and a female version... I'm going for the male belly band version today.
I'll post some pictures a little later.

God bless your day!