Friday, September 02, 2011

To give is a blessing...

A couple of weeks ago I decided to make some gifts for my Bible Study group.  We are a small group, so I felt I could do so and not get overwhelmed... I'm not sure whether my assessment was correct or not, but I have certainly enjoyed doing them and that's a good thing 'cuz I'm still in the process!

I've completed a cover for a Kindle (which I didn't get a picture of...) for my friend Jack.  I do have a picture of the embroidery design I put on it. It was lined in a navy blue flannel with paw prints and the case was made of a khaki colored decorator canvas with this design from The Embroidery Library on it....

Under this I wrote an appropriate book title - "The Call of the Wild" - then I put a wide tab on the top that closes over the top and closes with velcro and wrote his name on it. I think he liked it... (grin)
And... I also have completed the next two Bible covers.
The next one I made was for my Mom it is out of a lighter buff colored decorator canvas and the design is significantly more feminine and beings the cover was 'book specific'...

it had a Bible verse (1 John 4:19) on the front

(The pictures have a glare on them but I think you can read the verse.)

 I lined it in a light blue & white stripe suiting with room to add her notebook, pens and highlighter.

and an a Angel on the back with her name.... cuz she's my little Angel

Next came Jack's wife Ann....I refined my design a bit...
I think I will be making my Mom another one here soon from this new design... I really like it.
Ann's cover is made from the same durable (but really nice hand) decorator canvas as the others.

Ann gave me her color choices, Bible dimensions and Bible Verse and I took it from there. I lined it in a soft pastel colored plaid cotton and added pockets to this one.

There is an extra pocket on the front cover side for a note pad and grosgrain ribbon loops for her pens. The back side has a small upper pocket for whatever fits it and a pocket for her offering envelope.
It has a double tab with velcro closure.

The back cover has a saying that just reminds me of Annie....
and of course her name.

The next one on the drawing board is for my dear friend and neighbor Kathy. When it's completed then I will post pictures. Then I have one that I will need to digitize for Pastor John Cahill. He has a special design that is dear to his heart that he wants, so that may take some time... Then something for Del (Kathy's husband) that is still in the imagination stages, and that should wrap this project up.
My study group will be covered... excuse the pun - (chuckle chuckle...)
Making Bible covers is really rewarding. Not only are you focused on and/or can be praying for the individual you are making it for, but it also can provide a Bible verse study at the same time.
Well... I think it's time to get things ready to close up shop for tonight.

My next personal project is a lap quilt for my bouncing baby boy Scott... okay so he's a 44 year old... He will ALWAYS be my baby boy. I may give you access to my design process on that one, however I would like to complete the project in the forseeable future and when I started this blog the one thing I've learned is that it can really be time consuming, that's probably why you will see time lapses between my entries...
God bless your day!