Sunday, January 27, 2013

Here's what the Dr said...

He thinks that he’s going to treat me in”layers”; first thing is to get the ‘top notch’ sinus infection I have under control. 

And he feels I need to drink more.... (works for me! but he meant good old water). He thinks I’m somewhat dehydrated.

He also thinks that my old CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) might be an issue also, but he wants to take things one at a time and see if that’s even an issue.

In the mean time take 2 antibiotics a day for 10 days and call and set up another appointment in two weeks.

Then we will do blood tests, etc. and do a work-up after that so he can have a baseline. I hadn’t been to the Dr in over 2 yrs.

I have shrunk 2” since I was in the USAF – was 5’7” – also have lost 16 lbs since mid-July – I can’t see it but I guess you don’t until you are not “fluffy” any more, so slow and steady is the word...

He sent home a ‘depression checklist’ for Mom and I both to fill out. May still prescribe one off those S.A.D. Lamps.

He wants to do blood work later to determine just what supplements I may need... if any. He doesn’t believe in the ’one-a-day’ method of taking supplements.

So that is about it... I just want to get some energy back