Monday, June 03, 2013

Latest updates & news!!!

Sorry I've been remiss in my blogging duties, but I plan to remedy that and be more consistent with my posting.
We just "liberated" ourselves from cable TV and I must say it is very nice and I will make more time to post to my blog! I was so tired of paying almost $100 for maybe 5 channels we liked and 300+ more that were "Paid Programming" or just downright crude, rude and disturbing 
Now I use the PC to check the News and have Roku for our Netfix, Pandora, etc....
The main reason I've been so remiss in updating my blog though, is that my mother had emergency abdominal surgery on April 2 (45 staples!) and so I have been playing roles of caregiver, physical therapist, housekeeper, cook, chauffer, and head "whatever else needs to be done".... 
But... she is finally just now getting back to her old self... only better 
Her surgeon wanted to get her off all the pain meds she was taking for years and so far she is doing extremely well with that plan and down to only one or two mild pain killers a day.
She's coming out of the 'drug induced fog'
and she's as sharp and feisty as ever ;o)
Mum & Me
(Nov.25, 2012)
She's also got new glasses and she got new hearing aids - she's a new woman! She can communicate more easily and see better too! I think she was beginning to feel isolated and became very depressed this last winter, so I decided we needed to do something and here she is.
At 83, she deserves to have her quality of life the best it can be - I just want her to enjoy the rest of her life as much as possible.
Me, myself & I ask? Well, I'm recovering from flu bugs and feeling like I have been drug through a knot hole backwards. I addition I was doing quite a juggling act with very little sleep and numerous obligations and well as trying to keep the Etsy shop on board and I've got to add more items! But this ineffectual feeling will pass I'm sure, just as soon as I start getting on top of things again. I am just so grateful that  I still have mom in my life and all is well.
Mothers Day was a real treat... Our sweeties came down from Seattle and surprised us. They stayed until Tuesday and did so many things around here to help out, that I almost cried.
Scott pressure washed the front and back porch, mowed all the lawns (about a 3 hour job even when the grass isn't knee deep.) They put out the solar lights in the yards and he also put some new small ones on our front steps for safety sake (for people coming up the stairs if we don't have the front porch on.) Plus it's nicer for me taking my Herbie out late at night if I'm in my jammies.... no one can see me!!
I am also concerned for my sweet, daughter-in-law, Devrim (Derya) she is from Istanbul, Turkey and has family and friends are in the midst of the violence and turmoil in the country.
 Please pray for her, her loved ones and Turkey.
Devrim & Scott - February 2013
Herbie & Zipper-dude are doing well also.
Sticking to Grandma like stamps! Animals sense when things are amiss. 
In fact, here are the latest snap shots my Scottie, took when he was here for Mother's Day

"Hi There!"

"Do I really have to pose for this while that cat is over there making faces at me?!"
 "Who Meeeeeee-ow...  I'm just playin' jungle kat!"
Also, I have been working a little bit on a Celtic crocheted little girls sweater dress for my shop. I had to figure out the crochet stitches to make the thistles. and then do some embroidery - decided to make the leaf embroidery slightly 'primitive' to fit with the "feel" of thistles - I will  post what the finished embroidery looks like when I'm finished with it. here's a sneak peek of my work in progress...
The color is actually a much darker green... someday I will buy a camera that takes good pictures
This is the band I am using for the bottom of the skirt - still have a few rows to go in this picture...

This shot shows my unfinished embroidery and the 'smocking' feature on the front and back of the bodice.
This pattern was inspired by a basic dress pattern by Leslie Standfield from Great Britain - I have altered and added to the pattern and chose different color of course. I also changed the sleeves. So a big thank you to my 'muse' Leslie. 


Here are the buttons at the shoulder opening

Can't wait to finish it!
Well... I have totally goofed off enough for today and have bills to pay online and then should get my "patootie" outside before you can't see the house any longer and get some mowing, some pruning and planting done!
So... God bless your day, as He has mine <3