Thursday, June 30, 2011

Back to the "grind"

Well, our little Alex left and went home to Scottsdale.  ;o{  That did not feel like a month... I am trying to get some items together for Etsy, but my efforts keep getting interupted.

Mom has twisted wrong and hurt her back again, and is really congested. She's been down for almost a week and now thinks she is feeling a bit better, now the trick will be getting her to take it easy and not try to plow the back forty! I may need to get her to the doctor if she over does it again. She was feeling better two days ago, got up and then went over did it again and couldn't figure out why she hurt so bad the next day.

Today would be perfect for working in the yard. I have some baskets and planters to finish up and then some pruning on a vastly overgrown plant and later the lawn needs to be mowed. Beds edged, weeds pulled, spraying to do... you get the picture.

Yesterday was major house cleaning day, with only a little spilling over into today. I hear Mom banging around in the kitchen and talking to the cat, so I'd better go see what's up.

Hope your day is blessed! ;o}