Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"Little Snow Feather" - A labor of love with Mom & Dad

The Powhatan name given to her at birth was "Matoax" or "Little Snow Feather." Her public name was "Pocahontas"
She was made by Maxine Heidloff with her trusty assistants Barbara Heidloff Corl & Allen Heidloff
"Little Snow Feather" was sculpted by Michelle Mastell of Faces Past She is 22"
The Grandma & Grandpa dolls barely visible to the right were made by my mom Maxine Heidloff.
I made the little cutie to the left.

Her cape has over 250 feathers - and my Mom and I made her costume of a supple white suede and seahells

The Base was made by my Dad, Allen Heidloff, from a round from a tree on our property in Vernonia Oregon. He then added a support for the doll and covered the top with a white rabbit pelt