Saturday, June 18, 2011

Rainy day activities today...

Yesterday the weather was beautiful! 70 degrees, sunny, just perfect. I mowed the lawns and did some running around on errands, so today I can work on a new little wrap around bib for my shop.

My friend and neighbor Kathy just called and asked me to care for her cat JJ for a couple days. Her son is undergoing cancer treatment and has been put in the hospital... she needs to be with him. Please add their family to your prayers.

I am currently going through a process of prototyping, trying to come up with some new items for the Etsy shop.

I was up until the wee hours of the morning adding a banner and doing a policy profile for my Etsy shop. It will do for now, I'm sure it is a long term fine tuning process. I also have posted one of my dolls for sale.
Check out my progress...  My Etsy Link

I have a new friend on Etsy who is Irish born, who now lives in Leicester, UK. She does fabulous knitting. She has been a wonderful mentor to me on Etsy. You should read Margaret's profile and check out her shop 'JaminaRose' -  Here is Margaret's profile  - I think she's wonderful. She reminds me very much of my email buddy in Canada, Suzanne, she's a sweetheart too.

I also am going to bring some of my dolls in from my workshop so that I can take pictures and hopefully get them online too. Also my Mom has a couple more sweaters she would like to get in the shop, as well as some cotton knit dish cloths.

I just spoke with my beautiful almost-daughter-in-law and my wonderful son. I miss them so much... It just made my day! I could not have done a better job myself, had I chose a partner for him. He is so smart to have picked her. She literally is the daughter I never had and I feel so blessed by both of them.

I'm going to go and get creative.
God bless your day!