Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"No Hunting Molly" - The 2nd doll I ever made

My mom said this doll reminded her of me when I was little.
Obviously I was a lovely child! LOL 
This little sweetheart is an original sculpt of Dianna Effner.
She is 24" tall 
Once again the costume design is mine.
I was inspired to make her "No Hunting" outfit after watching a bunch of our local hunters running around like a bunch of 'keystone cops' when a herd of 16 elk showed up in a field across the street from our house.
My only thought was "My guess is that... it's not going to be an elk that dies today" they were so beautiful and thank God nobody got shot... elk or man

Unfortunately I wasn't the one blessed with the natural occuring ringlets... that was my baby sister Jo

Isn't the moose button cute?